About Debra

Debra LawsonI sell Plexus Slim, a product that has single-handedly changed my life. Not only have I lost tons of weight, but I have gotten to share this secret with my friends and loved ones. Now they’re experiencing Plexus Slim success as well!

But merely selling Plexus Slim is not really what drives me to do what I do – LOVE is!

My goal is to help people LEAVE health and financial problems in the past where they belong, create an OPPORTUNITY to have a healthy and financially worry-free life, capture a positive VISION for the future, and EMPOWER them to change their future to one filled with hope and not despair.

When I see people and the difficulties they face, I have compassion for them and want to share LOVE with them. I want to help them create a new paradigm, one based on the promise of a healthy lifestyle and the ability to generate a growing, sustainable income that results in financial independence.

If you would like to create a new lifestyle based on the promise of renewed health and the opportunity to grow your own business please contact me today!